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I have given it plenty of thought and after much consideration this year will mark the beginning of my travel/adventure series. Many of my assignments take me to gorgeous locations all around the world & I want to bring you along for the ride. Coming up in this quarter I’ll be venturing to Chicago, California, Seattle & Japan! For more info follow me @CoreyHour on Instagram!

See you there!

World Wide Instagram Meet 10 Arizona (WWIM10AZ)


Today I had the opportunity to meet and network with local artists, filmmakers, photographers and creatives from every region of Arizona! We all congregated into the heart of downtown Phoenix at a hip bar/restaurant called, “The Duce”. What ensued was a great collaboration of creative enthusiasts; ideas, art, personal advice and contact information were exchanged amongst one another. We came together to celebrate Instagram and the impact it has had on our community and it was a great worth while event. Glad to have made it out and met so many amazing people who did not fail to inspire me every moment I was around them. #WWIM10AZ

Music Video Production.


I remember some time ago reading up on an article that literally sang to me. It was exactly how I felt about video production and went extensively in depth more so than most readings you see nowadays. Truly I have to give credit where credit is due, this author did a splendid job of breaking down the process to make it more digestible to the readers, hopefully this helps shed some light into the intricate process of video production, namely: Music Videos. Read it if you get a chance, a ton of valuable information!



I took a few of the key points from this article and have them listed below to help anyone reading this understand the importance of planning out shoots and to keep in mind what goes into the process!

1. What the concept will/can be.

2. What locations will be available.

3. What kind of gear we will use.

4. What size & skill level of crew you will have.

5. How long will you have to shoot the video?

6. How long will you have to edit the video?



All day rates based on 10 hour days:

Director: $800 – $3500
Producer: $600 – $800
Director of Photography: $600 – $2000
Camera Operator: $400 – $600
First Assistant Camera: $250 – $500
Assistant Director: $400 – $600
Second Assistant Director: $250 – $500
Gaffer: $300 – $600
DIT: $300 – $600
Rigging Grip: $200 – $400
Dolly Grip: $200 – $400
Electric: $200 – $400
Steadicam Operator (With Gear): $800 – $1600
Crane Operator (With Gear): $800 – $1600
Production Assistant: $75 – $200
Hair and Makeup: $400 – $800
Wardrobe: $400 – $800
Production Designer: $500 – $1500
Art Director: $400 – $800
Set Dresser: $200 – $400
Sound Engineer: $300 – $600
Boom Operator: $150 – $300


The Future of filmmaking in 4K Resolution

BlackMagic4kThe Blackmagic Production Camera 4K has turned the industry upside down with it’s 4K – Super35 Sensor, Global Shutter and gorgeous image quality. If you’re already lost at these terms I just wrote then fear not, I’ll explain what this means to you as the client/cinematographer/director/producer. It means that you get the stunning detailed clarity of a 3,840×2160 image that has 4 TIMES the pixels than standard High-Definition! This is labeled UHD or Ultra High Definition. 4 TIMES the pixel means a clearer, sharper and overall better looking picture, by a BIG margin! To put it in understandable terms it’s like looking through a window everything seemingly looks like real life and this camera bridges over that boundary we once had.

Less than a handful of shooters in the entire state of Arizona offer 4K shooting, production businesses would seriously charge a couple thousand on average. We are proud to offer you the opportunity to capture your moments in this Ultra High Definition format and feel like you’re reliving that moment as if you were truly there again.

Freelance for hire, what does it mean?

Hiring a freelance Photographer or Videographer? Here we believe that knowledge is power, so our pricing reflects not only skill set but hours upon hours of mastering our craft and much more. Remember this is not only our career, it is also our main source of income! Everyone benefits from visual directing – whether it be photography, cinematography or design. Freelancers are generally individuals that work independently or as a team to bring together a production. Next time you decide to hire one please keep this in mind: